Keeping It Carefree

Summer time is all about being carefree and low maintenance. 

This summer, i'm all about being as low maintenance as possible. I have been wanting braids for a long time and finally caved in and got them!

Silent Friends and #BlackLivesMatter

Last week was A LOT! Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, protests, marches, #blacklivesmatter, Dallas.

By the end of the week I think we all were overwhelmed and exhausted.  Disgusted and in pain from having to watch two black men being shot by police officers. But a lot of us were still sure to march, post pictures, #saytheirnames, keep the conversation going and #blacklivesmatter trending. I found a lot of posts on my timeline by people frustrated at the silence of their friends. Some even threatening to unfriend or unfollow said friends. I agree that seeing selfies and latte art while ignoring the black dead elephant in the room is disturbing but I found ways to deal with it without deleting any friends from social media accounts.

Learning To Move On

One of the main things that I am learning this year is the art of moving on. 

A lot of times, people force relationships/friendships because they feel like it's the right thing to do.