Top 5: Places to Write in NYC

I cannot work at home. I am not inspired or focused at home. Besides blog entries, I am an aspiring television writer and working on several scripts. When I attempt to write anything in my apartment, I’ll look around and see something I need to get up and clean or organize. Even worse, I’ll turn on the television and get sucked into an episode of The Real Housewives of Ratchet. For this reason I sought to find spaces to work that were comfortable, enjoyable, and most important…had free wifi! I give you my Top 5!

5.         Bean & Bean

            320 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Bean & Bean is a coffee shop I stumbled across one day on the west side of Manhattan. It has a real NYC feel to it and they brew organic coffee. There are several seating options; they have long tables with bar stools and chairs so strangers can share a table without it being awkward. If you feel like not having anyone too close while in your zone, there are also a couple cozy single leather chairs. If you look around you will notice others on their laptops, ipads, and cell phones getting their work done and being productive, making it a good space to feel motivated and you never know who you will meet. The coffee is also pretty good.

This is a place I use for a quick meet up with someone, or to get some light work done, but not somewhere I personally spend hours and hours writing. But it does serve a purpose, and I visit every so often.


 4.         The Irish American Pub

             17 John St, New York, NY 10038

I know what you are thinking, a pub though? I slept on it too, but a friend put me on. This place has a TON of seating space and is not crowded at all during the day. You can literally pick whatever table or booth you want, spread out with your laptop and devices, hook up to their wifi and get to work. It is so chill and laid back, I think Sunday afternoon is the best time to go watch a game on the big screen and sip a mimosa while you blog your life away. If it is diet cheat day, get them fried pickles! #life!


3.         The Mill

            44-61 11th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

I really enjoy this one, it’s blocks away from my day job so I go quit often before work. There is not a lot of seating but it is never crowded, so I haven’t had a problem. The vanilla latte is yummers and the staff is super friendly. My favorite thing about this place is flipping through the little notebook they have on the counter for guests to sign. Artists frequent here so the book is full of crazy sketches and fun quotes.

2.         Café Grumpy

            193 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222

There are several locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, but Greenpoint is where I go the most. I have had job interviews and Brown In The City meetings here. They have large tables in the back so it is a good place for a group meeting. They also make a good cortado, and I’m all about the coffee. This is one of those good ol reliable places for me.

1.         L'Albero dei Gelati

           341 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

And now, for my absolute FAVORITE! It is where I am typing this article from right now.  I recently discovered this place on accident, I was trying to go to another coffee shop near by but it turned out they were closed. When I walked in it was so beautiful and cozy, it felt like home. Especially with the brick and chalkboard wall, both are looks I created in my apartment. They have more on the menu than your typical café, I can stay here for hours and if I get hungry order a soup, salad or panini.

What I love about this place is it reminds me of why I work outside of home in the first place. My favorite television writer once told me to go to different places, listen to people and write. As I sit in this cafe I hear so many different accents and conversations, I see the cutest little park slope families that give me ideas and inspiration I don’t get from my world and my circle of friends. Hands down, favorite place!


BONUS: When all else fails, go to Starbucks! They all have wifi and while most tend to draw a huge crowd, there are local Starbucks too. A Starbucks in Times Square may not be ideal, but the one in Cobble Hill, not half bad! ;)


Do you work outside of home? What are some of your favorite spots?

                                                                                   - LaPorsche