That time women all around the world  broke the internet by tweeting about the childish antics of fuckboys. I was here for it! My last tweet was on September 3, 2014, but I recovered my password to log in and witness this for myself. Y'all did that! It was hilarious. I mostly enjoyed it because I felt like a lot of the tweets were coming from women like me. Women who have outgrown the bull and are in a place where we can look back and laugh at the crap we used to put up with. HA!!!!!

Ladies we have all been there, no need to be embarrassed or ashamed. There was once upon a time where these dudes got the best of us. We waited for their texts, calls, and mentions on twitter, while they left us dissappointed. All good now, it's all in the past.

 Basic negros are no longer in our phone log so we can joke with eachother about #wastehistime2016. No, we are not actually going to stoop to that level of lameness and perform these acts, but the hashtag is a play on the fact that men could never deal with half of what they dish out. It was a parody, and a good one. So cheers to moving on, cheers to the lessons learned and the hearts broken then mended. Pour some of your champagne out for those men that are now dead to us #RIP. Cheers to the real men who will be the only ones getting our time in 2016.

 Here are some of my favorite tweets! 

LOL! wait what? single?

Mmm Hmmm #triedit! 

Or milly rock! LOL

Because these iPhones be acting up! 

Because Kim is the Queen of all of this! 

Did you all tune in to these tweets? What were your favs?