Brandy Is Back … Zoe Ever After

Mo to the, E to the!

Yup, that’s how I grew up, in the 90s. I spent my days sitting up in my room watching UPN, staying hip to what was going on with Hakeem, Niecy, and Moesha’s fine sweet danger of a boyfriend, Q! I loved Brandy, whether she was playing Cinderella or serving those R&B runs and telling Monica the boy was hers. I have always admired her talents as a singer and an actor. I was happy to see Brandy flex her acting skills again when she joined the cast of The Game, and even happier to see her now have her own sitcom on BET, Zoe Ever After.

The sitcom is well deserved; Brandy can definitely carry a show.  Zoe Ever After premiered January 5, 2016 and I checked out the first episode. Brandy’s character Zoe is relatable. No, we do not all have a rich famous professional boxer as an ex , but besides that Zoe is just a woman trying to balance it all. She is a momprenuer going through a divorce and trying to get back in the dating game. There is a very vulnerable moment between Zoe and her soon to be ex husband, Gemini. Zoe expresses her feelings of never actually being seen by him. For years she lived in Gemini's shadow, he entertained other woman, causing Zoe to feel abandoned and unfulfilled. I felt that was a raw and honest moment many women will relate to. But the show isn’t all drama, there are plenty laughs between Zoe’s sassy personality, her witty friend/ assistant Valente, and Pearl her publicist and friend who is on an intense hunt for a husband. The show is enjoyable, smart, current, fun and visually appealing with it's attractive cast and trendy fashion. 

Moesha premiered 20 years ago, and after 20 years Brandy is still here maintaining a career in music and television. She released a new soulful single called “Beggin & Pleadin”, you can check it out below and catch a new episode of Zoe Ever After on BET tonight at 10:00 PM Eastern.