Vegan Eats: Snack Edition

One of the reasons why being a vegan is so easy for me is because I eat a variety of things. I hate eating boring foods, so I knew that if I were to stick with being a vegan, I would have to find creative ways to make my food choices exciting.

Snack time is one of my favorite times! haha. Most people think that vegans just snack on fruits bowls and celery sticks...

If you thought vegan snacks were boring & thought wrong!

Here are my favorite snacks at the moment (which are all healthy, btw):

1. Raw Nuts

When i'm hungry, one of my first things that I grab are raw nuts. Yes, they are high in calories BUT they have incredible hair benefits and they are filling. By eating raw almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts you can lower your risk of weight gain and improve the state of your hair, skin and nails.

Basically...eating a handful of raw nuts a day will keep you flourishing.

2. Rice Cake with Peanut/Almond Butter & Bananas

When snacking, I always try to keep in mind that I need to get protein and fiber so that I don't end up eating the whole damn kitchen an hour later. Rice cakes with Peanut Butter or Almond Butter and half of a banana is my jam! 

It's a bomb snack because it tastes good and it gives me the protein and fiber that I need to hold me until my next meal.

3. Seaweed Snacks

Ok, for those of you that have never tried may seem gross buuuut they're so good!

Seaweed Snacks are really low in calories (about 60 calories for the whole package) and they are really good for you! It is one of the only sources of B12 that vegans can get because it is natural and not from an animal source. In addition being high in B12, Seaweed Snacks are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium.

This is a great substitute for chips! I found these at Trader Joes.

4. Crackers with Guacamole/Hummus

For those of you who love savory snacks, I highly recommend crackers with either guacamole or hummus (or both). I love Mary's Gone Crackers brand of crackers because they are whole grain, vegan and they are made with seeds and brown rice.

I love snacking on the individual guacamole and hummus packs because it allows you to keep track of your portions better. My two favorite brands are Wholly Guacamole and Hanna Hommus because they are both organic and have natural ingredients. They taste as though they were homemade.

5. Dark Chocolate

I looove dark chocolate. It's the perfect snack for when i'm craving something sweet. It is an acquired taste, but with an open mind, you'll see that it satisfies cravings like no other.

One of my favorite dark chocolate fixes is from the brand Vita Organic Foods. Their Cashew Sea Salt Minis are bomb!

They have 72% raw cacao and it is soy free, dairy free and gluten free.All you need is one of the minis to hit the spot.

These are my usual go to snacks! What are some of yours?