While you didn't call...

While you didn't call...

 He stopped by with flowers

For no particular reason at all

I invited him in and made some coffee

We talked about music, black lives, and that new Kevin Hart movie.


While you didn't text....

 He called to see how my day was

It actually wasn’t that great, but he brightened it a little.

Then I asked about his day and the conversation turned into three hours.

I enjoyed it, even though I frequently checked my phone for a missed text from you.... There never was one.


While you didn't answer the phone...

 He asked me on a date.

We went for a walk and to dinner.

We drank cabernet and shared dessert.

It was the best night I had in a long time.

The next day I thought about him first, then you.


 While you weren't consistent...

 I got to thinking about myself and I'm the shit.

A pretty dope chick who can have whoever she wants.

Not just him, but I started to pay attention and noticed I had options.

Maybe it’ll be him, maybe it’ll be you, maybe someone else.

But the most important person, ME, decided to no longer be pressed.

Of course, that's when you called.

But I wasn't in the mood to talk.