Why #ANTI Is Rihanna's Classic Album


Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

That is exactly what Rihanna has been doing since 2012 and it shows in her new album Anti. 

It has been three years since fans have been awaiting her to drop something new and she finally did and this is definitely her best work yet. Anti was released as a free download on Wednesday night after being mistakenly uploaded on Tidal. It is now available on iTunes for purchase.

Anti was initially supposed to drop in November 2015 and it kept getting pushed back which left fans wondering if she was burned out. Rihanna had been releasing work damn near every year since 2005. In 2015, she released three singles: "Four, Five Seconds", "American Oxygen" and "Bitch Better Have My Money" but none of them made the final cut.

When I saw that Anti was released, I was skeptical to how good this album would be. My initial thoughts were that this would be an album with a bunch of turn up hits on it (theres nothing wrong with that) but damn, I was wrong.

Anti is full of dope, beautiful songs and it is easily a classic work of true RnB music. 

That Rihanna reign just wont let up

Rihanna Stays True To Herself

After listening to this album, I understand the meaning behind the title. It throws out all of the stereotypes of a typical Rihanna album (turn up hits/pop songs) and truly showcases her talent. Its introducing you to a new Rihanna -- a more matured Rihanna who truly gives no f*&! at this point about making hits for the radio. She made a solid body of work and not just an album with a few bangers on it. She is showing us why she is the type of influencer who can make $9k headphones sell out and why she is here to stay. 

I feel like Rihanna saw the bigger picture with this album. She created music that would be timeless. She also gets personal with her fans. She doesn't put out music that touches the surface of who she is in the public eye. I feel like this is her most intimate work. 

Anti will attract a new fan base

Since this album is a whole new sound for Rihanna, it definitely will draw in new fans. This album is very minimalistic compared to her previous albums. The album opens up with "Consideration" which features SZA and definitely sets the tone for the rest of the album. In the song she states, "I've got to do things my own way, darling" which she has done by staying true to herself. 

Songs like "Kiss It Better", "Love On The Brain" and "Same Ol' Mistakes" all have that 80s and 90s soulful RnB feel to them. I think that this will attract more fans of old school RnB and soul to her music.

Fans are not accustomed to hearing Rihanna sing soulfully on her albums and this will throw a lot of listeners a pleasant curveball. This album shows her extensive growth as an artist vocally and this will also reel new fans in.

She is vocally stronger than ever before

Rihanna is seen as a pop star who has incredible fashion sense and can basically sell salt to a slug. I think that many people don't acknowledge or notice the fact that she can actually sing. 

This album is easily a classic because it lets people know that Rihanna is in fact a singer. She is definitely serving her vocal skills on this album and that is an evolution for Rihanna as an artist. 

Songs like "Higher", "James Joint" and "Love On The Brain" really proves that this girl can truly sing. Her runs on "Higher" are simply beautiful and something that surprised me because I never knew she could sing like that. She sings with a certain raspiness and deepness that really makes me feel her pain, desperation and intensity.

Anti is not filled with a bunch of radio bangers but it is undeniably a solid and beautiful body of work. Rihanna has solidified her spot in the music industry and she is not ashamed to musically and creatively be herself. This is definitely not the previous Rihanna in which she had many producers and writers write hits that she just put her voice on. It is evident that she worked hella hard on this and showed her true talents and for that, Anti is a classic album.

Here is a track list of Anti:

1. Consideration (feat. SZA)

2. James Joint

3. Kiss It Better

4. Work (feat. Drake)

5. Desperado

6. Woo

7. Needed Me

8. Yea, I Said It

9. Same Ol' Mistakes

10. Never Ending

11. Love on the Brain

12. Higher

13. Close to You

14. Goodnight Gotham (Deluxe Edition)

15. Pose (Deluxe Edition)

16. Sex with Me (Deluxe Edition)