New Positive Habits

Some wise men, politicians, and a bunch of other know-it-alls, have all once said “The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." While that is not quite how Webster defines the word, we’ll go with it. Because I am seeking new results in fitness, productivity and life all around, I started incorporating some new habits in my life over the past month or so and wanted to share a few that are really working for me.


Making my bed daily.

I was listening to a podcast called “Shop Talk” with Nick Onken, in this episode his guest was Lewis Howes, author of“The School of Greatness”.  During the interview Lewis talked about how he didn’t make his bead for decades, he just started making his bed daily a few years ago. Making his bed was something that didn’t matter but now he sees it as a way to get out of a lazy mind set, you start your day by clearing the space where you rest. It can build momentum for the day, by creating an act of completion that leads to more positive acts. I agree with Lewis and made it a point to start marking by bed every. single. day. Even on those days when I am about to miss the train and need to run out of the door, I at least straighten out my comforter.


Prepping the night before.

Depending on my call time for work, my day can start as early as 5:30 am and sometimes consist of going to the gym, back home to get dressed, going to a café to write then going to work where I will spend the next 12 hours (on a good day).  I don’t always get to fit everything I want to in my schedule before going to work, but to fit in as much as possible I have to prep the night before. I lay out my gym clothes, my work clothes, and pack both my gym and work bags. This makes my hectic morning feel a bit easier and I get to sleep a little longer since I am not wasting time thinking of what to wear in the morning. At night I choose my outfits rather quickly, probably because I am ready to go to sleep. I even go as far as putting a bottle of water next to my gym bag along with my keys so I can just grab it all and go.


Make the hardest call first.

I am currently reading “A Curious Mind” by Brian Grazer, which is full of great gems, I will share more in a later post. But so far one of my favorite takeaways is a piece of advice Brian was given by a long time friend, to make the hardest call of the day first. The hardest call of your day may not be an actual call, it can be an email, a face to face conversation, an annoying task or chore. Whatever it is, I try to get that done pretty early in the day. If the thing you were dreading to do is completed  early in the morning, the rest of the day is your B!&*%!