Brown City Shaker: Jessica Allen, Owner & Principle Planner of Jes' Fabuluxe Events

Fall is  basically the the start of holiday season which means family gatherings, fall festivities and attending/throwing events! This can be a stressful time for a lot of people but with a bomb event planner; throwing your event can be a painless process.

Meet Jessica Allen who is the Owner and Principle Planner of event planning company, Jes' Fabuluxe Events. This Atlanta resident is taking the event planning industry by storm all while being a mom and finding time to enjoy and explore the city she calls home: ATL. 

I got a chance to talk to Jessica and I saw nothing but ambition, strategic thinking and a passion for event planning. 

How did you start off in the event planning industry?

I have always loved planning events and constantly found myself doing so for myself and others close to me. Once I took on the role of Guest of Honor of my own baby shower is when I got the first real dose of event planning and the logistics behind it all.

What made you venture off into starting your own event planning business?

A few weeks before my baby shower, the party planner that I had was over promising and not delivering at all! I like things a certain way, so I took over and with the help of my Mom (my ultimate support system), I had the perfect baby shower!

What did you do before event planning?

Well, I am actually still a 9-5'r...I currently work full-time in the health care system.

Being an entrepreneur is very rewarding as well as challenging. What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

I feel like my biggest challenge is balance. I am a single parent trying to balance mommy life, personal life (so non-existent), work life and creating a BOMB brand. I also feel like I don't market myself as much as I should.

Who are some women that inspire you?

Easy! MING LEE! Her branding and marketing skills are impeccable! Also, Chloe Cook from Chloe Cook Events because she is so great in the event planning world.

What are some of your favorite events to plan?

I love social events and children's birthday parties. I love planning these events a tad bit more because having a child of my own and seeing the joy on the little ones' faces tugs at my heart strings! Also, I know the struggles that busy moms go through with trying to plan the perfect party. Once they turn it over to me, someone who loooves it, then they are saying thank you a 100 times at the end of the's indescribable!

How do you manage your time as a 'mompreneur'?

The great thing about my 9-5 is that it is sooo flexible and in the heart of downtown Atlanta. During the day I am able to multi-task like you wouldn't believe! I someones am even able to set up lunch meetings since I am so close to all of the bomb eating spots! Once I am home, my 2-year-old son has no problem telling me to put my phone down.

Where do you envision JesFabuluxe being in the next 5 years?

I envision us being the go-to for all things party related and for party supplies. Even those that we can't personally plan events for will know that they can easily get their hands on the Box of FAB. Within that 5th year, I want to actually have a venue space and van.

That sounds exciting! What are some things that you enjoy doing for fun in Atlanta?

In my free time, I looooove to eat out! I am such a foodie! I also love getting a few of my son's friends together for a fun little play date! He loves the Children's Museum of Atlanta!

What does being "Brown In The City" mean to you?

Being "Brown In The City" means exuding my #GirlBossMagic throughout the city. Taking charge and taking the life I want!

Thank you Jessica for sharing with us your journey as a mom, entrepreneur and all around dope event planner!

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