Making The Most Of Your Lunch Break!

Most of our day is spent working -- whether you have a 9-5, part-time job or you're an entrepreneur; chances are that you're working 5 days out of the week.

Taking a lunch break is a vital part of everyones day -- it's a time to refuel your body, disconnect and mentally prepare for the remainder of your day. Many people continue to work through their lunch break, resulting in feeling anxious and stressed.

If you're stumped on how to effectively spend your lunch, try these ideas that I implement into my work day!

Work on personal tasks

Most of us have day jobs for financial stability while we are in pursuit of our ultimate career goal or dream. You can get a lot of your personal tasks done during your lunch break. 

My ultimate career goal is to be a full-time actor. I get an hour long lunch break so I usually spend about 10-15 minutes eating and the remainder of the time working on sending e-mails, applying to castings, looking for castings and sending out my headshot & resume. 

I bring my laptop with me to work and often times go to the nearest Whole Foods for free WIFI and to get my personal tasks done. 

When I return to work, I feel productive and happy that I accomplished tasks towards my personal goal!

Communicate with loved ones

We get so wrapped up in our busy lives that our loved ones are often neglected. This year, I have learned that keeping in touch with the people you love is so important! No one is ever too busy to keep in touch -- you make time for what/who you want. 

Lunch breaks are a great time for catching up with the people you love. My parents live in North Carolina, so I make sure to call them whenever I get a chance. 

A simple phone call or text can make a huge difference in your day and in your loved ones day.

Get active!

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of being physically active. If you're having a hard time incorporating exercise into your daily routine, try getting active during your lunch break. 

Sometimes I walk around during lunch which helps me meet my goal of 10,000 steps a day and I get to appreciate my surroundings. If the weather isn't nice, you can get moving by walking/jogging/running up and down the steps in your workplace. 

Is there a gym nearby? Great! Get in a quick 30 minute workout and you'll feel more energized, happy and ready to finish your day strong!


Some people meditate and some people pray -- whichever one that you're into; doing this on your lunch break can be so instrumental in reducing stress. It is important to give your mind a rest and to just sit there, breathe deep and take in everything that you have been blessed with.

I love meditating and praying for 10 minutes during my lunch break because it brings me clarity and gratitude for my life.

Catch up on a good book

Reading is the perfect way to keep your mind sharp and to be inspired. When I was younger, I was an avid reader but as I got older, I abandoned books for Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. 

This year, i've been reading more than ever! It might seem difficult to "adult" and find time for reading books but if you schedule 20 minutes to read during your lunch, you will see that getting through books is attainable.


Every day can't be a walk in the park. Some days your job gets under your skin: a co-worker pisses you off, you're overworked, you feel unappreciated by your boss...etc.

Instead of holding in that aggression and letting it bother you; write your frustrations in a journal. Journaling is also great for reflecting on the great/positive areas of your life.

Watch your favorite TV shows

I don't have cable, so I never watch my favorite TV shows when they are premiering on TV. I usually catch up with Queen Sugar, Black-ish, Atlanta and Insecure during my lunch break. 

It's the perfect time to unwind by catching up on these entertaining shows!

Treat yo' self!

I pretty much eat a variation of the same lunch everyday -- vegetables and brown rice. That might sound boring but it keeps me full and it saves me time deciding what to eat everyday. 

If you're someone that meal preps (to stay healthy and save money), it's important to occasionally treat yourself. Use your lunch break as a time to dine in a restaurant that you've been wanting to try (eating solo can be a great experience), order the dessert you've been craving or indulge in your favorite cheat meal! Treating yourself is needed -- especially since you work so hard!

I hope that you try these ways to spend your lunch break! Let me know how you enjoy spending your lunch in the comments below.