What To Do Now That Trump Has Won

On Election day, I went to the polls bright and early to vote for Hillary Clinton. I just knew she was going to be our next president. I just knew that Trump supporters had to be the minority in this country. No way the majority of the same country that elected Barack Obama twice could be Trump supporters. When the numbers started rolling in and Trump was in the lead, I was in shock. I still had faith that the West Coast was going to come through for Secretary Clinton and I went to bed. I opened my eyes the next morning and soaked in that moment of not knowing whom the President Elect was. I just laid there for a minute in an ignorant state of peace. I hesitantly grabbed my cell phone and learned that Donald Trump won via text messages. To confirm, I loaded safari to check news sources, because maybe my friends were wrong, maybe there was some sort of miscalculation that was determined after they had all went to sleep. But we all know now, that Donald Trump is indeed the President Elect.

It was a gloomy day in New York both literally and figuratively. Social media was full of rants, disappointment, anger and shock. After feeling down for a few hours, I snapped out of it and thought "okay, it's time to take action!". The race was close! So there are a lot of us with an intolerance for hatred, discrimination and bigotry and we can still come together and fight for what is right. As Secretary Clinton said in her concession speech "please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it, it is worth it".  I do not have all of the answers but in the past 24 hours I have taken a few steps and made some decisions I would love to share with you!

1. I Will NOT Shop On Black Friday!

I plan to severely cut back on the money I give to large corporations. I can’t say I am going to completely go cold turkey starting today, but I definitely have already been making efforts to support black businesses. While I did not go out to stores last black Friday, I purchased a few things online. This year, I am not even going to do that. I usually use black Friday to get a head start on Christmas shopping. This year, all of my Christmas gifts will come from black businesses, here are a few I have in mind!

- Lit Brooklyn

- Wake Up Black Wall Street

- Vital XII

2. Volunteer with Organizations

It is time for me to get my hands dirty, to really get out there and do the work. It is not enough to just vote and post Facebook rants. Some of us can not afford to make huge donations, but we can donate our time. I personally have been looking into Campaign Zero, and signed up to get involved. Campaign Zero is an organization striving to end Police violence in America with policy solutions. Their website is pretty awesome and full of information. Even if you do not sign up, it's a great place to learn about policies, elections and track progress of Legislation.

If you do want to volunteer, you just have fill out the questionnaire on their website, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Once I hear back from them I will definitely keep you all posted on the steps that follow!

3. Step Up In My Community

It is important to be of service, that is why we were created. More than ever I want to be involved in my city. If we come together as a community, share ideas, pray together and support each others efforts such as attending events, rallies or supporting businesses, we can make a bigger impact. It can be as simple as showing up more so that you get to know people better, allowing more opportunity to build and create. I plan to get more involved in my church, C3 Brooklyn.  I feel that is great start because it is a positive community under leadership who believes what I believe. Our pastor has publicly spoken about racism and justice. It is also important to me that God and love are at the center of my efforts. I don't want to just lash out and argue with people but try to actually change the hearts of those acting out of hatred.

Though it has only been a little over 24 hours since I heard the devastating news that Secretary Clinton lost the election, it is not too soon to start making changes. There has already been several protests in New York. These few actions I am taking are just a start, I want to continue to share my efforts with you and learn about any actions you are taking. Feel free to share thoughts, links, opinions and even feelings in the comments! This is not a loss, it's an opportunity for us be the change this nation needs.