Brown City Shakers: Makeba Green, founder of "Brown Women In Media" Brunch

Brown City Shakers are driven, ambitious and innovative. Makeba Green epitomizes all of those things -- she is currently a college student, owns a Media & Advertisement firm and is the founder/curator of the Brown Women in Media Brunch! Makeba is also the author of two books: Successful Leader of New Jersey and Entrepreneurship: The Best Job in the World. Although Makeba is only 21 years old, she knows what she wants in life and is determined to get it.

In this interview, we discuss her background, her inspiration for the Brown Women in Media Brunch and how she balances her busy life!

What inspired you to start and curate Brown Women In Media

I was inspired to start and curate Brown Women In Media because of the lack of representation of women of color in the media industry being shown in a public light.

Makeba along with the honorees of women in media at the Brown Women In Media Brunch on November 5th, 2016.

Makeba along with the honorees of women in media at the Brown Women In Media Brunch on November 5th, 2016.

Can you tell us a little about the vision and purpose of the Brown Women in Media Brunch?

The vision of the Brown Women In Media Brunch is to create a positive platform to connect women of color. For example, we will be the hub to connect women of color all  over the world through internships, jobs, networking, workshops, funding and more.

How did your upbringing in Newark influence your work ethic today?

Growing up in Newark allowed me to get the experience in media and establish connections that I needed to push my vision to the next level.

What are some things you do to practice Self-Care?

I constantly pray, relax and I try to go out with my friends. I take things one day at a time.

Who are some women that inspire you and why?

Oprah Winfrey inspires me because when you truly look at her journey and everything she had to encounter to get where she is--that's powerful! When I think of the true definition of success, Oprah comes to my mind. I am inspired by Oprah simply because she could have given up at any point during her journey but she didn't.

What are some things you do to handle disappointment? 

To be honest, I am still learning to handle dealing with disappointment. I have an amazing support team that really believes in me and pours into me no matter what. When I'm disappointed, I often remind myself that I am human. I'm young and I'm still learning that I will make plenty of mistakes throughout my journey and walking into my purpose. 

What advice do you have for young women wanting to pursue a career in media?

You don't have to wait for anyone to write about you, hire you or give you an internship--you can create your own vision and platform. You have the power to truly control your own destiny and with the power of social media, the limits and boundaries are up to you.

What are some things you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love hanging out with my friends, going out to dinner, watching black love movies and just reflecting about life.

How do you manage being an entrepreneur in media, going to school and having a social life?

Hmmm...great question! I love everything that I do so it's a matter of simply finding balance to accomplish all of my needs.

What does being Brown In The City mean to you?

Being Brown In The City is standing and walking with your purpose no matter the outcome. One of the things that can never be taken away from you is your voice, purpose and mind. With that being said, it's to challenge the status quo and walk in your purpose.

Makeba is definitely a young woman on the rise in media! To keep up with her, follow her here.