Beyonce Backlash: Haters Gon Hate!


So let me get this straight… Everyone is cool with Beyonce twerking in sparkly leotards talking about being crazy in love and girls running the world, but God forbid she forms an “X” with her background dancers at the Super Bowl dressed in black leather.

I wasn’t going to speak on the issue, I felt the Beyonce backlash was beautifully shut down by other writers and public figures including Jessica Williams. However, while scrolling through Facebook yesterday I noticed a comment on a friend’s post that was something along the lines of “what if a white artist did the Super Bowl with dancers dressed in white sheets”. I starred at the comment in disbelief. Is this what we are doing? We are comparing the Black Panther Party to the KKK? We are comparing the political party that was formed to protect African Americans against police brutality (how relevant!) to the group of punk ass racist terrorist who hid behind white hoods while murdering, lynching and raping African Americans that simply wanted civil rights. I know the knowledge of black history is limited for so many to a small section in history books that was only referenced in school during the month of February. But now that we are adults with internet and amazon accounts, there is no excuse to not do your own research. The Black Panther Party is controversial, because when a group decides to challenge police brutality, shit gets real. But unlike the KKK, The Black Panther Party was about self defense. The Black Panther Party distinguished between racist and nonracist white people, and actually allied with nonracist white people.

I applaud Beyonce for the powerful statements she has made through her art both in the Formation music video and during her Super Bowl performance. It was beautiful. I think America is used to seeing black people as the underdog, and to see arguably the best performer in the world, using one of the biggest platforms in the world to say she is BLACK AND PROUD is a hard pill for some folks to swallow. Well get a cup of water and take it to the head, because she did that! Not only did she do it, but the directors and producers of the super bowl allowed it to happen. (Side note: Why is all the shade being thrown at Beyonce and none at the Super bowl?) 

#Blackgirlmagic is thriving more and more everyday, so you might as well get used to is, because we aren't going anywhere. We are going to be loud about issues that matter to us, and put it all up in your face making it impossible for you not to address it.