Letting Go Of The Fear Of “No”

As a generation, we hate rejection. We thrive for acceptance whether it’s in the form of praise or social media likes. A fear of rejection can hold you back from great experiences, loves and opportunities. I personally let go of the fear of hearing that dreadful word “no” and it’s one of the best things I have ever done. Being told “no” is actually not the worst thing that can happen when pursuing something...I'll explain!

I win, you lose.

Be confidant and persistent despite rejection because you will still win. I am determined to get everything I want out of life and I will. If I ask someone to assist, contribute or play a roll and they say “no”, I will still get what I want, just not from that person. I may not have won yet, but I will and that person lost the opportunity to be apart of it. #ShouldvehadaV8

"Thank God you blew it, Thank God I dodged a bullet".

Yes, Beyonce said it best. Sometimes we think we know what we want. Whether it’s a job opportunity or an ex, I am sure we all can look back at a situation that ended before we wanted it to, but in hindsight we are so glad that door closed.  It may be hard to deal with “no” when you first hear it, but reflect on these times and remember that in the long run rejection can work in your favor.

I have mentioned in several other articles that I am a freelancer in television Production. Last summer I attempted to work for a show that I thought I really wanted to work for but was denied the job. I was then offered a job for an ABC show that I took. Turns out, this job was way better for me.  It had more benefits, I made new friends and got to work with some old friends. In the moment of rejection, I couldn’t see all of this, but when you keep pushing past rejection you realize what is meant to be will be.

C R E A T I V I T Y at its finest.

Rejection builds creativity. When told no, it is actually kind of fun coming up with a new way to get the results you desire. Let's say you are a planning an event and the budget is X, but your venue cost is Y. You have to find a way to talk the price down or make a more affordable venue look like a million bucks. Once you make either one happen, pat yourself on the back. Rejection can force you to use skills you didn't even know you had.

Do not be scared of hearing "no". You have nothing to lose so go for yours, rejection be damed!

What are your thoughts on rejection? Have you experienced a "no" working out for your good? Share in the comments :)