NYFW16 AMCONYC Fashion Week Presents: House of Peter James & Ane Amour Collection

Ever since I moved back to NYC three years ago, one of my goals was to attend a NYFW show and this year I had the opportunity to attend not only one but two fashion shows.

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is held every February and September and it is a semi-annual event where designers showcase their new designs to buyers, press and the general public. 

NYFW 2016 kicked off on February 11th and ran through February 18th.

The two shows that I attended were presented by AMCONYC Fashion Week: House of Peter James and Ane Amour Collection. What attracted me to these shows was that they are both up-and-coming designers. I love seeing new artists/designers work and supporting them because I know how hard they work.

Studio 450 

Studio 450 

These two shows took place at Studio 450 which was an amazing loft space in Manhattan! This venue had a great view of the skyline and awesome natural lighting which helped to bring out all of the details in the clothing of the designers.

House of Peter James

This was the first show that I attended. This show was very short but sweet. Peter James was inspired by the renaissance period so he incorporated a lot of lace embellishments in his designs.

His gowns looked very rich and were cut to flatter a woman's body and curves. My favorite gowns were the royal blue and the red because they looked elegant but trendy at the same time. I really enjoyed his collection and I look forward to seeing what else House of Peter James will have to offer in the future!

Ane Amour Collection

The second show that I attended at Studio 450 was the Ane Amour Collection. I really enjoyed her collection because everything was super feminine and chic. The Ane Amour collection is a unique and trendsetting women's apparel line. The name Ane Amour is translated to "a love affair with grace".  

All of the clothing in this collection were definitely graceful and relatable. I really enjoyed this collection because I could see myself wearing a lot of the pieces. The floral shorts were definitely my favorite from this collection!


Here are more pics from the show!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you thought about House of Peter James and Ane Amour's collections.