Staying Motivated: Instagram Edition

Keeping your head in the game and staying motivated is a weekly battle. Discouragement can come knocking while you are waiting on a door to open. I get motivation from various sources such as music, podcasts, and social media. Most people check Intstagram daily and you have to be careful with what you are consuming. I try to stay away from accounts that spread gossip, negativity and hustle waist trainers.  I instead follow some really great women that are encouraging, inspiring, while using their social media to offer advise and spread love. I follow women that are where I want to be in the future and on days when I’m not feeling too hot, their posts have given me an extra push, here are a few Instagramers I am obsessed with...

1. @myleik

Myleik Teele is the founder and CEO of curlbox. She gives advice and talks about her road to success on various platforms including a podcast and her site My Taught You. On her Instagram you will find book recommendations, inspirational quotes, outfits that slay and pieces of her life as an entrepreneur. Myleik is very giving with her time and knowledge of business, so if you are looking for mentor like advice I suggest following her and getting plugged in to all of her platforms. 


2.  @massy.arias

Massy Arias is a health coach and her body is on FLEEK! I like to follow fitness accounts to help keep me motivated to stay healthy. Massy’s account doesn’t just flaunt her six pack, even though I will probably still follow if it did. Her instagram account has photos of healthy meals and shows her putting in work in the gym. She does exercises I’ve never even seen before and usually ends them with a dance lol. I like her account because her joyous spirit shines through her posts. 

3. @alex_elle

Alexandra Elle is a mom, writer and entrepreneur. Her Instagram promotes self care using the hashtag #selfcaredaily. Alex believes in prayer, meditation, and loving yourself before anyone else. On her IG you will find enlightening quotes about love, vegan eats and the cutest pictures of her family. I also read her blog Another Sunday.

Motivation is available everywhere you look, just try to block negativity from your consumption. You'd be surprised how much the things you look at daily can affect your spirit. Try following these ladies on the gram, and don't forget to also follow @officialbrowninthecity ;)