Brown City Shakers: Vin-Keatin's Album Listening Party

On Friday, January 29th, 2016, I was invited to attend a listening party by my friend, fellow blogger and model, Diamond Divani. The event took place at The Red Door Cabaret in Midtown Manhattan and it was to showcase songs off of RnB singer Vin-Keatin's new album, The Beginning of Forever. 

Vin sings with his band The Experience and background vocalists Marlene Victoria and Passion.

Vin sings with his band The Experience and background vocalists Marlene Victoria and Passion.

The setting was really intimate and Vin-Keatin sang a few songs off of his new album. His voice is smooth and soulful and he had the crowd in a trance with his voice and stage presence. Vin's songs "Chocolate Kisses", "Trouble" and "Perfect" are all so good and reminded me how much I love RnB music.

Between songs, Vin would answer some questions from the audience. I thought that this was great because it gave us a chance to get to know the singer better. From the questions, I learned that he named the album The Beginning of Forever because to him, "it was a time of letting go of fear and grabbing onto faith and when you open up yourself to love -- that is the beginning of forever" . I also learned that it took him about three years to create the album and that his muse is life because he believes that art is life. He uses his life experiences, whether good or bad, and puts them into his songs. 

About Vin-Keatin

  • Vin was born and raised in the Bronx, NY and he fell in love with Rhythm and Blues from a young age
  • He had a severe case of stage fright from a young age and finally built up the courage to sing in front of an audience his senior year of High School when he competed in his school's showcase
  • Vin's sound is comparable to the likes of R. Kelly, Joe Thomas, Mario, Avant and Usher
  • Vin's musical inspiration is Brandy
  • Vin's favorite album by Brandy is Full Moon
  • His favorite song on his new album The Beginning of Forever is "Trouble" because it is based off of a real life situation

Check out some of his songs below:

I really enjoyed Vin-Keatin's listening party and I can't wait to listen to his entire album. The Beginning of Forever is set to be released on Valentine's Day and will be available on iTunes