30 Before 30

I have been 29 for a few days now. I spent my birthday weekend looking back on the journey that has been my road to adulthood with no regrets as I parasailed over Punta Cana, drove buggies and kicked it with the locals. I got to thinking about how I want to close out my twenties. In these last 365 days what do I want to accomplish? And here it is, a list of 30 things I want to do before 30.


1. Get published in a magazine.

- I want to really take my writing seriously this year and reach new heights.

2. Shoot my web series.

- I have a cool web series that has been in pre-production for way too long, time to get it done!

3. Fast.

- I have not fasted in a while, and being spiritually in tuned is important to me.

4. Take an adult swimming class.

- I can not be the black stereotype my whole life!

5. Eat out alone.

- Never done this and I really value "me time".

6. Bake a pie from scratch.

- I'm not domestic at all, I'll be satisfied with saying I once baked a pie!

7. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

-I'm a Brooklyn native, I have driven across it a million times, but never took the walk.

8. Drop 10 pounds.

- I'm trying to be the ambassador of snatched at 30.

9. Spend more time with my grandmother.

- She's dope!

10. Donate to a women's shelter.

- I actually collected items to donate for my 28th birthday, this year I didn't celebrate in the States but would still like to organize something.

11. Take dance classes.

- I love to dance and be active, and this will help me with #8.

12. Learn the recipe for my momma's biscuits!

- They are soooo good!

13. Go on a road trip.

- Done this a bunch of times, but it's always a fun and more affordable way to vacay.

14. Watch season 2 of House of Cards.

- I'm so behind, season 1 was great I need to make time to watch season 2 haha!

15. Eat at Black Tap! 

- For those who don't know it's in Manhattan and they're milkshakes look like heaven in a glass!

16. See a show on Broadway.

- Again, it's been a while since I have done this but I thoroughly enjoy going to shows. I need to make more time for experiences I enjoy and am inspired by this year.

17. Host a dinner party.

- Because it's a grown up thing to do haha.

18. Laugh A LOT!

- It's the best medicine.

19. Paint my bedroom.

- Not sure how long I will be living in this particular apartment, but while I'm here I need to finish making it look fly.

20. Grow my hair back.

- The cut has been fun, but I think it's time for my fro to make a comeback.

21. Go to the movie theatre at least 10 times.

- I love going to the movies but never make time, when I go I sit through ALL of the credits. I want to see movies more often even if I have to catch a matinee alone.

22. Make an effort to begin learning spanish.

- Becoming fluent by 30 isn't realistic for me, but whether it's downloading an app or purchasing a book, I want to begin practicing my español.

23. Finish writing my pilot.

- Besides my web series, I started writing a pilot a couple of years ago that has been collecting dust. I would love to put the finishing touches on it.

24. Post more creative pieces.

- I have a posted some poems and freewrites on the blog, definitely want to tap into that more.

25. Replace my pots and pans.

- I just feel like now I'm too grown up for Target, maybe i should get some Martha or Rachel Ray pots.

26. Read James Baldwin's collected essays.

- My goal was to read at least 10 books in 2016, I'm already on book #5. The writers I have been reading are awesome, but I want to throw some James Baldwin in the mix.

27. Recognize every blessing.

- Big or small, I want to write it down and thank God a thousand times. On my 30th birthday, I'll look over the list and say "thank you" again.

28. Take a cross fit class.

- I took one before and because of the price I didn't make it a regular habit. I had fun challenging my body and would so do it again.

29. Network with more bloggers.

- I love meeting and collaborating with other bloggers, we just finished a collaborative project for women's history month and can't wait to do more.

30. And the final thing I want to tackle in my final year of my 20s.... is not spend the year looking back and regretting. I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and great things are in the works. So this year I just want to be thankful and enjoy it. I want to end it with a smile, chuck the deuce at my 20s and say "it's been so real".

Do you have any goals or simple tasks you want to accomplish before your next birthday? Feel free to share!

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