Saving Coins In a Sallie Mae World...

Saving can be a struggle when you are keeping your bills paid,  trying to climb out of student loan debt and God forbid have a social life. Brunch, movies and happy hours can become an expense too. I believe every coin counts, if I find a way to save 50 cents, I’m here for it. I consider myself to be somewhat frugal and thought why not pass along some easy money saving tactics I have adapted. I am no one's financial expert, just an independent woman with credit score goals.

1. Ebates

I signed up for an Ebates after seeing Tiffany the Budgetnista post about it on Facebook. I automatically received 10 bucks just for signing up. Ebates is free to sign up and gives you cash back on your purchases from a ton of companies including Macy's, Amazon, Ebay and Groupon. You do not have to spend any additional money, but if you are planning on purchasing something online, go through your Ebates account and receive a percentage of the cost back. It's easy, it's free, why not!

2. Promo Codes

I am Queen of finding promo codes. Even though I’ll get cash back from Ebates, I still try to save by doing a quick google search for a promo code before checking out of online purchases. And 9 times out of 10 I find one. Even if it is just 10%, it adds up. Not just obvious purchases like an outfit or pair of shoes. But I have found promo codes for posting casting calls on Backstage, booking a Breather, and upgrading my Vimeo. If there is a slot to “enter promo code” I take that as, ohh there must be an existing code and I shall find it.

3. Turn down

I hate being home and I usually am out and about in these NYC streets. At one point my weekends were something like going to a bar Friday night, some sort of party or dinner for Saturday festivities, then brunch on Sunday. Not only was I paying for food and drinks, but depending on how late I headed home, I would also spend money on an Uber. Weekends can easily cost me hundreds of dollars..CRAZY! I now limit my weekend outings. Unless it is a special occasion like a friend's birthday, I do not spend money each day. If I plan to go to brunch on Sunday, then Friday is a Netflix night and Saturday is a stroll through the city. I also try to fill these days with productivity like going to the gym, cooking, tidying up and writing.

I am excited for Summer, so I can spend these days doing free activities like laying on the beach or hanging out at Central Park.

4. Reward programs

I pretty much give the same companies my money every month, so I download their apps and sign up for whatever programs they offer. From Urban Outfitters to Duane Reade to Sephora to Starbucks, the dollars I spend accumulate and eventually reward me with a 10% off or a free coffee. It does not take much time to sign up and it comes in handy when it's time to purchase an outfit or you are dying for some caffeine but vowed to cut back on spending excess money. 


These tricks will not turn you into a millionaire overnight, but when used consistently can add up to a decent amount of savings. Are you trying to increase your savings? Share your tips and tactics in the comments and let's help each other get this shmoney!! #CardiBVoice