Why Millennials Should Attend Conferences

Investing in going to a conference is an investment in yourself. You will be in a positive environment surrounded by like-minded people and connect face to face. Whether you are looking for inspiration or to meet new people, attending a conference can be a great experience that a lot of millennials are missing out on. Conferences are not just for the professionals that have it all together, us that are still developing and growing in our careers can attend and reap lots of benefits.

Meeting each other

Tell ya friends to get with my friends and we can be friends!

We connect online daily via hashtags and DMs but how great would it be to meet in person?! We can have longer more in depth conversations and connect on a new level. We can feel each others vibes and learn what we have in common. Friendships will be born and collaborations will transpire when a bunch of go-getting millennials are in one room!


We all need it and at a conference it can come in many different forms. Maybe via a panelist who has chased a dream similar to yours, a fellow conference attendee who has made it through obstacles you are currently facing or just by the environment and energy. I am sure after attending a conference you will walk away with new ideas and insight.

We spend money on everything else

Happy hours, bottomless brunches and soy mocha latte fraps are all things that add up to a monthly cost more than a conference ticket. Gather with your friends, get a group deal and make it a mini getaway. I believe that iron sharpens iron and as friends we should do things that are not just for a good time but to help us grow together.


I am excited to be attending The Great Girlfriends "What Women Want" conference June 10-12th here in NYC. It will be 3 days of panel discussions, workshops as well as meeting and networking with amazing women. Check out this line up of speakers!

Charreah Jackson, Lifestyle Editor for Essence
Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Consumer Strategy for Prudential
Ebby Antigua, Creative Director, Latina Magazine
Brandy Randolph & Maria Alvarado, Co-Founders, Lady Savant Society
Michele Thornton, Senior Vice President of Media Sales, Centric TV
Nitika Chopra, Self Love Expert
Tatia Adams Fox, VIP Mentor/ Business Etiquette & International Protocol Expert
Tiffany Aliche, Financial Empowerment Teacher
Ty Alexander, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert

This isn't your typical conference it will be a lot of fun as well as educational. The topics include self love, finances and relationships. The schedule includes dancing, a work out in the park and shutting down the Herald Square Macy's women's department!

If you would like to attend you can purchase a ticket HERE and because I know it's a Sallie Mae world and we just live in it, use promo code "whatwomenwant" to receive a discount.

I am also an ambassador so feel free to reach out to me with questions about hotels, group rates or whatever you need. I really hope to meet you all there, it's going to be a game changing weekend.

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