Mask Mondays: The GlamGlow Gravity Mud Mask!

In an effort to age like fine wine, I have been really working on taking care of my skin. Your skin is the largest organ that you have, so why not be good to it? 

I've been washing my face every morning and night with a cleanser, moisturizing and best of all--i've been using facial masks.

Masks are a really relaxing way to end your day and they are beneficial to the overall health and appearance of your skin. 

Remember that makeup will not look good if you don't have a proper skin care routine.

I am currently loving the GlamGlow Gravity Mud Mask. It is a peel off mask and it helps to firm your skin. This mask contains anti-aging ingredients such as Icelandic kelp, algae extracts and antioxidants.

The cool thing about it is that when you first brush the mask on, it's a pearly white color and then as it dries, it turns a metallic silver color.

All you have to do is apply with the brush and leave on for 25-30 minutes and peel! I use it twice a week and love how it leaves my skin feeling firm and youthful. As soon as the mask is peeled off, your skin looks brighter--it's crazy!

Because of the instant lifting and brightening effects; this mask is perfect to use before you apply your makeup. 

It also has a nice coconut scent and is a pick-me-up whenever you're having a tough day!

Have you tried the GlamGlow Gravity Mud Mask? What are your thoughts?