The New Stereotype: Bedazzled Crown

Marquelle Turner created The New Stereotype (TNS) to highlight black life and all its diversity via fashion, photography and film. He has done so with the installments Wall Street, Queen, The Reclaim, and now Bedazzled Crown.

I visited the set of Bedazzled Crown to talk to the Queens about the project and being brown in the city! Check out our behind the scenes video below, and view the full installment HERE.

The Queens:  Baghi Solomon, Bree WijnaarBrittany WilsonDanielle JacksonKelly AugustineRoxanne Paul, Sankara Xasha Ture

I personally am a huge fan of TNS, it's a great example of using art to impact the black community. There are many ways to serve our diaspora and Marquelle thought outside of the box and found a way to combat negative stereotypes. 

These are a few of my FAV photos from the installment, captured by #TheNewStereotype photographer Shola Bashorun

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