Keeping It Carefree

Summer time is all about being carefree and low maintenance. 

This summer, i'm all about being as low maintenance as possible. I have been wanting braids for a long time and finally caved in and got them! I wanted to keep it simple, so I got two cornrolls/boxer braids...what ever ya'll are calling it these days (lol)!

What I like most about having braids is that it takes me less time to get ready in the morning and that means that I get extra time to sleep and less time worrying about what I am going to do with my hair for the day.

 It is also a great protective style because the sun/heat can be very damaging to your hair--which leads to breakage, split ends and an unhealthy appearance.

Braids are easy to upkeep -- just sleep with a satin/silk bonnet OR on a satin/silk pillowcase at night. In the morning you can apply edge control and -viola!- you're good to go!

I believe that you learn something new about yourself with every fashion choice that you make. Getting braids is a choice to enhance your physical appearance, but to me, it is so much more. Being able to get more sleep and not having to worry about doing my hair that day made me realize the importance of living a carefree life. 

Being a 20 something can be very stressful. With all the chaos going on in the world and being so young and 'finding myself'--things can get tough.

This year I took a huge leap of faith and quit my job working in television to pursue a career as an actor. This has been one of my scariest choices so far because I took a huge pay cut and stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue my dream. I also had to deal with the deaths of three of my former classmates dying in the past month. Dealing with death is very difficult for me and so knowing that three people that I grew up with died so young has been really bothering me. However, this has made me realize the importance with keeping in touch with loved ones and appreciating everyone in my life. 

Also, the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the obvious abundance of racism in America has been weighing down my soul. As a human being, I can't help but feel empathy towards the families and friends of the men that have lost their lives due to racism/racial profiling.

 I have to remind myself that life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be stressed over. I am learning to laugh more, relax more and to simply take deep breaths and enjoy every moment of my journey. 

I am a firm believer in having faith and being carefree because life is too short to be anything less than that. 

So while getting braids was a fashion choice, it also reminded me to be carefree and to enjoy life!