Why Being A Millennial Is So Dope!

Millennial: A member of Generation Y or someone coming into adulthood near the year 2000. Now depending on who you are talking to, or whether you trust Wikipedia vs. UrbanDictionary.com, the years in which one has to be born to be considered a millennial vary. I think the majority go with 1980/81-1995, while some say the cap is 2000.

Whatever! I was born in '87 so I'm definitely a millennial...and proud of it! That's right, though we catch a lot of shade for being addicted to devises and obsessed with social media, I believe millennials are dope, trail blazing, go-getting, rule breakers who are changing the game, fighting for rights and determined to get everything we came for by any means necessary.

Now maybe you disagree, but let me plead my case!

Here are a few reasons why being a millennial is lit!

1. We're old enough to spit a biggie verse, but young enough to hit the quan!

While a lot of us were toddlers or kids when classic artist's like Big and Pac albums dropped, their music was still very relevant during our upbringing.  Some millennials may be too young to know the full Ready To Die track list, but most at least know that "birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirstay!"

But we don't just appreciate the old school, we're hip to the new school. We can hit the quan, do the nay nay, milly rock and STILL give you some kid 'n play action when then dj plays poison! I think millennials are the perfect blend of new and old. We know everything that pops now was inspired by those who invented the game. The trends and outfits we wear was done 20 years ago, and we are just bringing it back with our own little spin.

2. We create our own narrative

Millennials do not let anyone else determine our journey. A lot of us are not following the traditions of the generations prior and our stories are unique. We are definitely in full control of our future. Starting businesses, juggling side hustles and creating our own lanes. Chance the Rapper has a number one album, no record label contract. Youtubers are making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars by working for themselves and creating their own content. Of course, generations before us laid down the foundation so this can happen, but millennials definitely took it and sprinted with it. Millennials think outside of the box and do not settle for the options put in front of us.

3. We grew up without social media, but use the hell out of it now.

The creators of Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat are all millennials themselves. We didn't have social media until early adulthood so we were able to grow up and really be carefree kids without videos of us being disciplined or acting out going viral. However, as adults, we are killing the social media game. Millennials are going from getting a gang of views and likes to getting endorsements and sponsorship all from the work being put in on the gram. 20 somethings are going from starring in their own vines to television and film. DC Youngfly is my favorite example. he was discovered by Nick Cannon on Instagram and he is part of the Wild 'n Out cast with a film coming out this year!

I personally am appalled when I hear people call millennials things like lazy and spoiled. Millennials are actually changing the world, putting in work, educating ourselves and fighting for social justice. I am inspired daily by fellow millennials, so if you fall into the debatable year range, be proud!