Learning To Move On

One of the main things that I am learning this year is the art of moving on. 

A lot of times, people force relationships/friendships because they feel like it's the right thing to do. 

I was always the type of person that tried to make friendships work even though I knew we were no longer compatible. I had friendships from Elementary school that I tried to keep going just because I knew them from my childhood--not realizing that we were just on two different pages. 

Have you ever had a friendship that was actually draining your energy every time you hung out with them? -- That is a sign that the friendship is being forced and you should simply just move on. 

The beautiful thing about life is that people grow/evolve mentally, physically and spiritually. This process is confusing and sometimes even hurtful but the fact of the matter is that people simply change.

Just because you were friends with someone in high school and/or even college does not mean that the friendship has to continue into adulthood. Some people are just in your life for a season.

From my experiences this year, I learned that sometimes you just have to love some people from far away. 

Nothing lasts forever and I am now okay with that.

Have you ever forced a friendship? What made you move on from it?