FX's Atlanta Is A Must Watch

Last week, I tuned into the FX show premiere already knowing from the previews that I would enjoy it. But it turned out I loved it. Atlanta is for us by us. It captures being young, black and chasing a dream in unique and authentic way.

Paper Boi is a rapper on the rise, Earn is his cousin turned manager determined to get them out the hood and Darius is his homie, his hilarious down for whatever homie. It is smart and funny yet raw and honest. Atlanta gives us funny lines like "one time for the instasluts" and things to think about like a black man in jail who clearly needs help being treated like a circus act. It looks like Earn, Paper Boi and Darius will be taking us on an adventure, and I’m down for it! I will be watching tonight and every Tuesday night and you should too!  Here’s why:

Donald Glover

The ultimate triple threat! Glover serves as writer, Executive Producer and lead actor. He is only 32 years old and holds titles that are typically held by middle aged white men in the industry. Glover's career started off as a writer for 30 Rock and now he is also an actor and Grammy nominated rapper.

Vanessa is real!

Donald Glover's character Earn, lives with his baby’s mother Vanessa who serves us black girl realness! Not only does she wake up with a scarf on her head, but she removes the scarf and proceeds to take down her twisted bantu knots in the bathroom! #naturalhairlife. I appreciated this moment in the show, it just contributes more to its authenticity. I look forward to seeing the Vanessa character develop. She clearly loves and believes in Earn, but needs him to step up for her and their daughter.

All black writers

I have worked for a few shows and have NEVER seen an all black writer's room. Trust me when I say this is not common. But Donald Glover hired all black writers, most of which have never worked in a writer’s room before. I think we need more show runners like Glover giving opportunity to new writers. The show is fresh and I’m sure these new voices have a lot to do with that. The writer's staff include Glover's brother, Stephen and some other Atlanta natives.


I predict many more seasons of Atlanta and can't wait to see where they go with the story line. If you missed the first two episodes that aired last week check them out HERE before the new episode airs tonight and let us know what you think!