Brown City Shaker: Ashleigh Sharmaine, Artist #YoAshIsDope

One of the things I love about my generation (millennials) is our bravery to pursue our passions in life -- making it our career! 

Our latest #BrownCityShaker is Ashleigh Sharmaine aka #YoAshIsDope. Ashleigh is an 'artrepreneur' whose work is heavily influenced by the 90s. I was immediately drawn to her work because of the 90s nostalgia that it brought. Ashleigh hand draws all of her work then vectorizes, colors and adds shadowing. She uses her phone to produce all of her illustrations which I think is really dope. All of her art are sketches that she turns into illustrations. 

puff and mase.jpg

Get to know Ashleigh Sharmaine: 

How long have you been creating art pieces?

Ever since I can remember i've been creating art.

At which moment did you know that this could be a career?

I knew that this could be a career when my first piece went viral!

Did you ever struggle with family and friends accepting/supporting your career choice?

No, it wasn't hard for family and friends supporting my career choice because they knew I would be doing something in the art career field because they always said all I would do is draw, draw, draw from 5 to 26.

Your art is dope -- your pieces have a strong 90s influence -- where do you draw inspiration from to create new pieces?

Thank you! I was born in the 90s and I'm obsessed with the 90s era. It had heavy influence on me from the attire to music, it was dope!

What advice do you have for millennial entrepreneurs who are trying to build their online following organically?

Promote yourself as much as possible and social networking. Just be true to yourself, do you and supporters will follow.

Who are your favorite music artists right now?

Ro James/Ari Lennox are my favorites right now!

What would you say to young artists that may be hesitant to pursue a career as an artist?

Don't be afraid to show the world your gift, stick to pursing your career and think positive.

What is your favorite thing to do in your city for fun?

Going out with fam and friends

How do you practice self-care?

I practice self-care by taking care of myself physically, being positive and doings thing I love to do.

What does being Brown In The City mean to you?

To me, being Brown In The City means living brown and proud!

Check out some more of Ashleigh's work below: 

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