Thoughts While Watching Get Out

I have always been a fan of thrillers. I grew up watching the Screams and I Know What You Dids, but it has been a while since a film kept me on the edge of my seat. Get Out made me laugh, jump, side eye and ask a lot of questions! For the full hour and forty four minutes, I was all in. 

I felt for the main character Chris, a black man in a relationship with a white woman named Rose and going to meet her family for the first time.  The Armitage’s live in a suburban area where the black population is negative percent and Rose says she has not told them her boyfriend is black. All good though, because they voted for Obama! Chris was apprehensive about this but trusted Rose and headed to Whiteville. As no shock to us, from the moment Chris arrives he is patronized and pandered. And as I am sure you have seen in the trailer, it gets really real.

I saw Get Out in a Brooklyn theater, full of like minded individuals who had no problem expressing their thoughts out loud. It was a fun time! Jordan Peele takes us on an emotional roller coaster, so here are some thoughts as I watched the film. SPOILER ALERT!

Redbone by Childish Gambino is my new jam.

Heads nodded throughout the theatre.  I love this song and where it was placed in the film. So far, we have seen a young black man (played by Lakeith Stanfield) get thrown in a trunk of a car after he nervously navigates through the suburbs attempting to get to a friends house. And everybody claims to be the ones scared of us right? Cut to Chris getting ready for his weekend getaway to the lyrics "But stay woke, Niggas creepin', They gon' find you, Gon' catch you sleepin". I just had a feeling Chris was going to get caught sleepin! 

Ol’ girl is fake woke!

Rose gives a little attitude to a cop that asks for Chris identification in a situation where it isn't needed. Chris calls Rose's clapback “hot” (insert eye roll at how easily impressed you all can be). Then after a dinner with her family filled with inappropriate and offensive behavior, Rose basically expresses to Chris that she didn’t realize her family was so racist. Really? And you’ve known them your whole life? And you have these black servants walking around? Okay girl!

Why is he visiting her family after just 5 months?                      

I personally feel 5 months does not even call for a #mcm post, let alone meeting the parents. Is it just me?

I Would've Left Day 1

I wouldn’t have been able to sleep easy after seeing Georgina and Walter working on the plantation. Especially after Georgina’s awkward behavior. But thanks to the Kim K affect, he assumed something was wrong with Georgina and Walter not his girlfriend and her creepy racist family.  Men are slow, so I give him a slight pass, but once he realized the hypnosis episode was not a dream, and Rose’s mom really did do some sort of witch craft on him…he should've left the next morning!

This would be interesting with a black woman and a white man.

It just would have went down differently! Lol

Is he really going to keep blaming the black people?

First, Walter likes his girlfriend, then Georgina is unplugging his phone. It was annoying to watch Chris continue to point fingers at the victims. Walter and Georgina were practically crying for help! I understand love is blind, but daaaang bruh you Helen Keller!


This better not have a Taylor Swift Ending

When Chris finds the box of photos I thought, "I knew she was shady!". I can hear people in the theater predicting that she too was being hypnotized and thought to myself "no way"! They can not do that with this story. She does not get to be innocent or even a victim herself after bringing this man to her family’s plantation where he is being auctioned. But I told myself to calm down, Jordan Peele got this!

Culture appropriation at it’s finest

Whoa! These white people are seriously taking their brains and placing it inside of black bodies! When wearing boxer braids, faux locs and using slang terms is no longer enough! Smh! This film is creative in the way it illustrates social issues.

Rose is crazier than I thought!

I read that the Rose eating cereal scene is Jordan Peele’s favorite, and I agree it’s amazing. This girl is completely unbothered as she is sipping on a cup of milk, listening to I’m Having The Time of My Life and googling her next victim, all while the man she pretended to love for 5 months is supposed to be downstairs getting his head cut open… PSYCHO!  And I loved it. It reminded me of the kind of crazy that existed in the horror films I watched growing up.

Shout out to Rod!

We all need a friend like Rod! Chris was smart for keeping in touch with him throughout the trip. And because he is a real one, Rod came through! Listen, when you are a black man standing over white dead bodies and see sirens, the fear that runs through your body is probably indescribable. I gasped in that moment thinking about what happens to black men with cops when there are NO bodies. It was a relief to see the homie get out the car, and it all ends well.


I thought this movie was great! It is thought provoking, thrilling and kind of funny all at the same time. Congratulations to Jordan Peele on the movie's success! I hope the numbers keep climbing, I myself would watch it again!

What were some of your thoughts from Get Out?