Insecure is back and "Hella Great": Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

Every black millennial's favorite show is back, showing the world on a major network the day to day matters of our lives. From work life to relationships, we all love Insecure because of it's realistic relatable characters that show black people just being.

The episode starts with a sike ya mind of Issa and Lawrence working it out. It just looked too good to be true and I'm sure we all figured out that it wasn't real just before it cut to the tinder bae Issa was actually on a date with. Issa seems to be searching for companionship, or a Lawrence distraction on various dating apps and it's not going well for her.

Praise Jesus, Molly is in therapy! Last season it seemed like she was just ten years away from ending up like Mary Jane if she didn't fix her life. While it doesn't look like she's had a breakthrough yet, I was thrilled to see she was sitting on the couch, baby steps! In the black community, especially among millenials, therapy has been a complex topic. We tend to feel "nothing is wrong with us", while white people pop into therapy sessions like its spin class and are becoming their best selves. I think Molly finding the courage to seek therapy is important. Even more important than her realizing the white man was making more money than her (shocker!). I hope to see her therapy pan out more throughout the season.

But back to Issa, though she has been searching for love on apps it's clear that Lawrence still has her heart. The episode takes us fans on a rollercoaster trying to figure out if they will get back
together. Lawrence and his mixed signal sending ass, appears to love Issa and wants to be with her, but can't get passed the betrayal. Meanwhile, he's occupying his time with Sza... the banker girl. I call her Sza because I can never remember her name, and it looks like she's got Lawrence covered on the weekend!

So this episode got me thinking about banker girl. While she is lovely, she's not Issa. Issa makes Lawrence laugh and they share a deeper connection. No shade, but Issa also seems smarter and more interesting. But when you're not good to your man he may run to someone like Sza. A lesser qualified applicant for girlfriend because she is loyal and makes him feel appreciated. I also feel for banker bae because she is catching feelings and doesn't realize she is a rebound and Lawrence is just "having fun" as he told his homeboy.

With that being said, I'm STILL team Lawrence! Cheating is corny, and Issa brought this on herself. He is allowed to take as long as he needs to get back with her... if he ever decides to get back with her at all. I just hope Sza doesn't become a casualty in the process!

The season premiere got it right! I'm sure following the success of season 1 had writers on their toes, but they did it. Though tackling real life topics and situations the show manages to still be funny. I particularly enjoy the montages of Issa, whether she's on dates spitting bars or practicing what she will say to Lawrence in the mirror, this is a hilarious part of the show and I look forward to those moments. The music was on point, including Cardi B and Sza (the singer, not the banker).

Let me know what you thought of the season 2 premiere! How do you feel about the banker? Do you think therapy will work out for Molly? We'll be recapping the season weekly so come back and talk about the show with us.

P.S. I love Sza, and will learn the banker's real name by my next post! :)