Insecure Szn 2: Ep. 2: We got "Hella Questions"

Now that Insecure is back; Sundays have resumed as our favorite day of the week!

Breakups are so confusing -- especially when you still have feelings for your ex. This week's episode really showed how confused both Issa and Lawrence are about their relationship (or lack thereof). 

Last week, Lawrence came by to pickup his mail & ended up dropping off some "D" to Issa.

Now they both seem to be stuck on "what if" -- which is understandable (we all been there). 

The episode starts off with Issa & Molly talking about the situation between her and Lawrence. I love these moments with Molly & Issa because it reminds me of my relationship with my BFF -- honest, raw, comical and real! Issa has got it bad and I think she has hope that her and Lawrence will get back together -- homegirl even went to his friends house looking for Lawrence! 

Meanwhile, Lawrence seems to be glowing up -- in the gym and shacking up with Tasha (who I have a feeling will get her heart broken while Lawrence & Issa lowkey grieve for each other). I was surprised as hell when Lawrence told Tasha that him and Issa had sex! I definitely don't feel sorry for her though -- she threw herself on him knowing that he had a girl (you lose em how you get em, girl!) Also, Tasha just seems thirsty as hell to make things work with Lawrence.

I thought it was funny how Issa's friends knew about Tasha but Issa didn't; it seems like they were trying to keep it from Issa. If my ex had a new girl and my friends knew I would definitely want them to tell me! I don't believe in keeping info like that from your friends (whether or not they want to hear it).

So now Issa starts stalking Tasha's social media and showed up at the bank (you got jalapeno-popped, bitch!) haha. Issa starts analyzing Tasha's thirst trap pics and trying to see what Lawrence would see in her. 

Issa is really going through it...I wonder if she regrets cheating?

Ok -- now to Molly. I'm proud of her for going to therapy and the way she's handling finding out about being paid less than her white male coworker. After going to a hockey game with her male boss and trying to be in the "boys club" only to be forgotten about the next day at work; Molly decides to offer her services to a female partner in Chicago. Will Molly relocate to the East Coast? This would be interesting. It's good to see Molly's self-growth from Season 1 though. 

It's clear that Lawrence is done with Issa after Molly "accidentally" runs into him. I think Issa is finally coming to terms that she lost her man as a result of "scratching the itch" that she had for her ex.

At the end of the episode, Issa gets on Tinder and shoots her shot to a random. Is this the start of Issa's hoe phase? 

I'm interested to see how much Issa will self-sabotage herself & if #ThirstyTasha will get curved once Lawrence gets tired of her?

I'm still #teamLawrence -- what about you?