Insecure: Szn 2: Ep. 4: "Hella LA"

Sooo last night's episode was LIT...definitely my favorite episode of the season so far. 

It starts off with Issa, Molly and Kelli going to a Kiss 'n' Grind party -- Issa is there to see some guy she met on a dating app -- "Felix, like a cat" haha. Issa is all about #hoeislife this season but I think she just wants her man back! 

While at the party, she runs into her ex Daniel (who was looking hella chocolaty, btw)...this exchange was awkward -- this was the first time Issa saw Daniel since their blowup from season 1. She tries to explain herself but does a little bit tooo much (like singing the Living Single theme song lol!) I applaud Daniel for being mature and cordial with Issa after the way she treated him. 

I loved that Syd was the DJ at the party -- hella dope! Also, the "Fashion Nova ass bitch" line that Issa said in the club was hilarious!

On to Lawrence...

While going to the grocery store, he was pulled over by LAPD for an illegal u-turn. I thought it was smart how they showed him switching his music from hip-hop to classical before the officer got to the car. This scene was super relate-able (especially with the reputation that officers have with killing black men). Luckily, it didn't turn out ugly and Lawrence was only given a warning.

Lawrence makes it to the grocery but when he gets to the register he realizes that he must have dropped his cards in the car during the police encounter. There are two white girls behind him that offer to pay for his $47 worth of beer. *rolls eyes*

As Lawrence is walking to the car, beers in hand, the two white girls approach him and ask him where he's going with all that beer. Seems to me like these girls are thirsty! Lawrence ends up curving his friend going to their place. Seems like #hoeislife for Lawrence too!

While Lawrence is bout to live it up with the two white girls; Issa is getting curved hard by her online crush Felix. They finally meet in person and Felix immediately comments on her hair (and how much she should change it) and her voice. He leaves her to go talk to his "friends" and Issa is left looking hella awkward while Daniel is nearby watching. 

Molly sees her friend Dro at the party and they start kickin' it -- he tries to help her find a potential bae and its all fun & jokes until Dro starts grinding on Molly and its no longer "friend zone" friendly. Molly reminds Dro that his wife (who wasn't at the party) wouldn't approve but Dro hits her with the "we're in a an open marriage" line. I'm not sure whether or not I believe Dro but he definitely wants to smash Molly and it's looking like Molly wants to smash back. 

Lawrence and the two white girls are drinking & smoking and showing Lawrence that they're not sweet girls -- they're down for anything and right now, they're ready for his D. They start having a threesome and during the threesome the girls make references to Lawrence being black *rolls eyes*. Lawrence can't hang and finishes before he could get to the next girl. The girls are annoyed and start talking about how all the other black guys they've been with could last longer than Lawrence. They start doing coke and looking for their next moves for the night while looking up places for food. Lawrence feels like dark meat at this point and is clearly disgusted with himself -- LOL! 

After the girls had their fun (not so much for Issa) at Kiss 'n' Grind, they head to get some food with Kelli's new bae and his friends. While there, Molly gets a text from Dro asking if she wanted company. I feel like Molly wants him at this point but does the right thing and keeps him in the friend zone. Daniel is also at the restaurant and is sitting across from Issa & friends! He send Issa a text and makes her laugh when they notice that Kelli is being fingered under the table by her new boo! Issa then gets up with her food and sits next to Daniel...I wonder will Daniel and Issa rekindle what they had? He sure was looking good in this episode! 

Lawrence, feeling disgusted with himself, is on his way home and passes by the Dunes. It looks like he's starting to miss his old life and Issa...I wonder will he try to come back to Issa? Is Lawrence over the single life?

I'm interested to see where everyone's situation goes in the next episode. I have a feeling that the Issa, Lawrence and Daniel love triangle thing isn't over. Everyone got some shit this season!

What are your thoughts about Episode 4? Let me know!