Insecure: Season 2, Episode 5 - The Tables Turn

In previous episodes we have watched Issa stress over Lawrence, while he occupied his time with other women.  My my my, how the tables have turned. In this week's episode entitled "Hella Shook", it appears that Lawrence has had enough of random women and Issa is sleeping with every Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike. Okay, actually she's only sleeping with neighbor bae and Daniel, but she is working on getting more men in her "hoetation". 

We learn that Issa and Daniel are back on when she drops herself off to him as a "special delivery" in the beginning of the episode. But as Issa later explains to Molly, they are not committed. Issa continues to say she just wants to have fun and has no time for feelings. I'm not sure if someone you have a history with is the best person for that type of casual situationship, so we'll see how this plays out!


Issa is putting in work to build herself a roster of boy toys. In my opinion, this is to keep her mind off of Lawerence because she is way too into it and trying way too hard. She has neighbor bae sitting on ready, goes on a date with a new guy she met on Tinder, and texts Daniel from said date. She seemed to make a genuine connection with the Tinder date. They joked about super heroes and he called her out on her fake reach for the bill! She then hinted at going home with him but he declined because he had an early meeting and suggested they go on a second date. This can get good! I am eager to see what Issa does with him being that she is on a quest for as much D as possible. When you are crashing your car from staring at dick're way too pressed! 

Lawrence might have gained some of his stans back in this episode, being all sad and stuff. During jury duty, he starts scrolling on Facebook and discovers Issa smiling and talking to Daniel in the background of her homegirl Kelli's photo. Lawrence continues to social media stalk and eventually hangs out with Dereck (Tiffany's husband) who keeps it 100. It was good to see Lawrence have real conversation with a real friend. While I love his hilarious boy Chad,  I don't know if he has any good advice for Lawrence. Dereck however, tells Lawrence that his break up is not 100% on Issa. This we have not heard on the show yet! Everyone wants to just feel bad for Lawrence and ignore the unemployed elephant in the room. Not that his years on the couch warrants or excuses cheating, but as Dereck said, he can see why Issa was attracted to "someone who was out there doing something". Sigh! This is such a messed up situation. It's hard to repair relationships because both parties have to be on the same page at the same time. But because we are human, we go through feeling sorry and feeling like it's time to move on at different times. I do have confidence that at some point Issa and Lawrence will be done with hoeing and long for each other at a mutual point so they can repair their relationship.


I'm going to pass on going too deep into Molly this time. I mean, for what? Girl..bye! From stomping out of her parents celebration like someone stole her damn bike (over something that frankly wasn't her business) to sleeping with Dro, I just can't with her this episode. However, I can't wait until Dro's wife resurfaces. Will she confirm the open relationship or beat Molly's ass? Molly - I love you, but run back to your therapist...take Issa with you...and ya'll make an appointment for Lawrence while you're there. 

I much rather talk about Issa's woke white co-worker, Frieda. This young lady genuinely cares about her job, doing it well and making a difference in the lives of the students she encounters. All season, she has been bothered by the Vice Principal of the school they are working with (who is a black man) and his discrimination toward latinx students. VP Gains, intentionally keeps the We Got Ya'll program away from these students and makes offensive comments about them. But Issa wants to keep winning, work is finally going good for her, and she does not want to rock the boat by complaining about the school faculty. When Frieda brings up the issue again in this episode, Issa uses the typical  black people can't be racist line. Frieda boldly checks mate by telling Issa racism is about having the power to manipulate against someone. Well let's do the math, VP Gains definitely has the power to manipulate against his latinx students..sooo! Whether you want to call it racist or not, it's definitely wrong and I am enjoying Frieda not letting it slide. It's on Issa however to step up and do something about it and I think whether she does or not will be very telling of her character. I am both black and latinx and  I personally hate when there is discrimination between these two groups. The answer to oppression is not oppressing others. That's corny! 

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So what do you think of this episode? Every character is so human and so flawed, we develop love/hate relationships with them all. Partially because we see them make the same mistakes we have made! So who do you hate this episode? Who do you love?

- LaPorsche