Insecure: Szn 2: Ep. 6: "Hella Blows"

So this week's episode we got to see how Issa's #hoeislife plan isn't going how she expected it. We start off seeing Issa running outside to move her car to the other side (being a New Yorker, I can definitely relate to moving the car to avoid getting a ticket)....her car is still messed up from the d-pic incident. 

Issa tries to hit up her roster to get some "d" but everyone seems to be curving her. I think Issa is feeling lonely and will self sabotage herself. The most embarrassing was when she showed up at Eddie's apartment only to find out he had another girl in there that he was about to smash...yikes!

Issa invites the hot Spanish guy over and attempts to seduce him immediately but all he wanted to do was take her to dinner and get to know her before they did anything sexual. After her failed attempt to smash him on her couch; he asks once more if she wants to go to dinner and she says no and watches him leave....I could have smacked Issa through the TV! Like c'mon...really!? You got a fine man saying he wants to take you to dinner and get to know you and all you wanna do is smash!? Issa's mind is definitely gone. 

Meanwhile, Molly is in denial about her feelings for Dro. Last episode they had sex and Molly thinks that it will mess up their friendship. She tells Issa that she wants to tell Dro it was a one time thing and that she wants to go back to being "homies". She later meets him at the bar and tries to tell him how she feels but doesn't quite do so...I can tell that Molly has developed real feelings for Dro and she's in toooo deep. They end up in bed again. Dro says that Candace knows about his infedelities and that it was her idea that they see other people. We have yet to see Candace after finding out about their open relationship and I think that Dro isn't keeping it 100. Does Candace really know that he sees other people? I'm interested to see if this will blow up in Dro's face. 


Lawrence seems to be in denial at work. He gives a presentation at work about his new app and he thinks it went really well but his female co-worker tells him that she thinks otherwise. He thinks that she's being a hater and brushes it off but then realizes that the guys he presented to didn't actually like his pitch. They just didn't want to let him down because he' Instead they complimented him multiple times on his kicks. I have a feeling that Lawrence and his female co-worker are going to hook up in the near future. 

Issa and her girls hit up a Sexplosion party and they start talking about giving blowjobs. Issa, Molly and Kelli aren't too crazy about giving head but Tiffany, the married friend loves giving blowjobs. She signs them up for a demonstration on how to give good head. 

Molly and Dro end up at a fancy hotel in the bathtub and things are about to get real cozy until his wife Candace calls saying she's locked out of the house. Dro leaves Molly in the hotel by herself. I think this really shows Molly the downsides of messing with a married man!

Later on, Issa meets up with Daniel and ends up trying out her new skills on him. She gives him head but when he finishes on her face, she gets pissed off and goes off on him. This scene was funny because Issa was being dramatic (per usual) and rushes out of his place with a napkin covering her eye lmao! Once again, Issa is jepardizing herself with Daniel. I have a feeling Daniel is going to be done with her really soon.


Is Issa going to be over her #hoeislife phase? We will find out next week!