Insecure: Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: #TeamTasha!

The evolution of a fuqboi! Wow! Is this how it happens? All of my "F him he's grown and knows what he's doing" advice that I hand out, and it turns out some are fuqboing and don't even know it??? Lawrence and Tasha's relationship has been really interesting. That's right! I learned weekend girl's name since my last post, and I put some respeck on it too, but I'll get to that! Lawrence and Tasha are two people in two completely different spaces, so of course it didn't end well. Lawrence fresh out of a 5 year relationship, wanted something light and uncommitted. While Tasha, was looking for a future. All the while, Lawrence was completely oblivious to the way he entertained her hopes of a future with him. As Tasha so accurately put it "apologizing for shit he wasn't he even sorry for" and for some reason agreeing to go to a family function. For the first time this season, I was mad at Lawrence. How dare he go meet this girl's family and then dip out to go drink with his work friends. It could all be so simple, if he just would've declined the BBQ invite in the first place. Well that was Tasha's final straw because in my favorite scene of the episode she read Lawrence over the phone after confronting him on his actions. "Your a fuck nigga that thinks he's a good dude".... words Lawrence needed to hear! I'm anxious to see what he does with this revelation in the coming episodes. I know what Lawrence has been through, but he doesn't get a pass! Your hurt is not an excuse for hurting others.

The evolution of a woke woman! Tasha got it together in three episodes! Some of you girls have dealt with the wrong dude for 3 years so I've been taken aback by all the Tasha slander on social media! She was dumb when it came to Lawrence, so what! We've all been there, at least she was dumb with someone tall and fine! If you've been dumb with a regular looking dude, leave Tasha alone! Thanks! She reached her breaking point, and hopefully she doesn't give Lawrence anymore time. Girlfriend needs to go find a man who appreciates that snatched waist, poppin booty and laid weave! Bye Lawrence!

The evolution of a hoe! Molly schooling Issa on men is like the blind leading the deaf when she agrees to teach Issa how to hoe. Issa had a rough start but later gets it in with her neighbor. She stepped up, boldly knocked on his door and pretended he left his phone charger at her party. Hey girl, get in how you can! Though, I do think that was a rookie mistake and she will regret it later. If you must hoe, don't hoe where you live!

Molly meets a new guy named Lionel who is good on paper... ughh those good on paper dudes! They check off all the boxes (handsome? check! good job? check! love they momma? check! wants a wife and kids? check!) but are just not exciting or intriguing. Molly and Lionel go on one date and then Molly proceeds to curve him, even turning down tickets to see Sza, who does that! (Sidebar: the Sza love in every episode is so real and appropriate!) In the case of Molly and Lionel, I'm torn! On one hand, it's like "girl give him a shot what else you want!!". But on the other, I feel just because you are of a certain age and single doesn't mean you have to start giving shots to guys you are not really into... I don't know girl, this is something for her therapist... oh wait! She stopped going to therapy! Eye roll.

Though she drives me crazy, I am still genuinely enjoying Molly's character the most! I love how she gives light to even the small struggles of a single, black, career woman's life, like building furniture! I felt her pain as she struggled carrying that book shelf. I live alone on the fourth floor of a walk up building, so I've been there! Thank God for Task Rabbit! And then to turn around and see Tyrone help Becky with her furniture. Eye roll! I am also enjoying Molly navigate her career, and doing what she has to in order to excel at her firm. Our career paths may not look how we imagined and require flexibility. In Molly's case, sometimes working in Chicago.

It was crazy to see a whole episode without any interaction between Issa and Lawrence, is this what we will have to get used to? Sigh. My prediction is a full season of them making mistakes and breaking hearts before they get back together next season. 

What are your predictions? Do you think they will interact more this season? How do you feel about good on paper dude? And more importantly, are you now team Tasha? Let's talk about it! 

- LaPorsche 

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