#DebateNight 1 Recap


Last night I gathered with a group of friends to watch the presidential debate. Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated issues and threw some shade at each other at Hoftra University in New York. It was a lot of information to take in so I jotted down some notes in my phone and thought I’d share it with you all. I know some people are trying to decide not just who to vote for but whether or not to even vote due to disappointment in both candidates.  In my opinion, voting this election is vital as well as having a clear understanding of where each candidate stands on the issues. Here are my notes in hopes to help you stay informed and make a decision.




-Wants to see companies do profit-sharing.

-We need smart fare trade deals. We are 5% of the population we have to trade with the other 95%.

-We have to have a tax system that rewards work and not just financial transaction.

-Calls Trump’s plan “Trumped – Up Trickle Down” economics that would give big tax cuts for the top percent and will not grow the economy.


-The Fare Trade Agreement was a bad trade deal and other countries are stealing our jobs.

-Suggests we do not let companies leave US by taxing them coming back into the US.

-He will reduce taxes from 35% to 15% for companies, says this will create jobs.

Race and healing the divide:


-We need to restore trust and we have to work to make sure police are using the best training.

 -Everyone should respect the law and be respected by the law.

- Criminal justice reform. Bring communities together in order to work on reform as a mutual goal.

-Guns out of hands of people who should not have them.


-       We need law and order.

-       African Americans and Hispanics are living in hell; you walk down the street and get shot.

-       Thousands of people have been killed in Chicago.

-       You have to have stop and frisk.

Securing America


-       Cyber security and cyber warfare will be a big challenge.

-       We are facing both independent hacking groups and cyber attacks from states.

-       We have to make it clear that we will not tolerate state actors going after our information and we will defend our citizens.

-       Talks about Russia specifically.

-       Calls out Trump on inviting Vladimir Putin to hack into Americans.

-       Says she has plan to defeat ISIS that involves going after them online.

-       We need to do more with our tech companies to prevent ISIS.

-       Says Donald trump supported invasion in Iraq.

-       Says George W. Bush made agreement about when troops would leave Iraq, not Barack Obama.


-Says he has been endorsed by ICE and over 200 admirals.

-Points out that we do not know it was Russia who broke into DNC, it could have been China or a 400 pound person sitting in their bed.

-ISIS is beating us at our own game, we came up with the internet.

- We have to get very, very tough on cyber warfare.

-Says Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got out of Iraq when they should have stayed.

The Shade

-Trump brought up Hillary calling African American males “super predator”

- Clinton suggests Trump does not show tax returns because he has not paid federal income taxes taxes. Trump responds with “that makes me smart”.

-Trump says he will release tax returns when Clinton releases deleted emails.

-Trump says Clinton does not have stamina to be president.

-Clinton suggests he doesn’t know ish about stamina.

- Clinton called out Trump on Birther.

- Trump does not apologize for Birther and says he did a good job and getting Barack Obama to produce birth certificate.



Wow! What! Huh!? Is this real life? I did enjoy watching the debate not only with my friends but with everyone else who was at the bar we attended. I strongly recommend researching what businesses in your town will be showing the next debate and getting out to watch it with your community. It was good to hear other people's response and reactions.

I was disappointed with the question-dodging and avoiding facts, especially when it came to race. I am looking for the next debate to have stronger moderation. But overall I was informed and even entertained. My vote did not change, I'm still with her and wouldn't vote for Trump if he paid me all the money he owes in federal taxes.

There was so much more, these are just some bullet points I wanted to make sure I remembered. You can read the full debate transcript HERE. And register to vote HERE.

What did you think of the first debate?