5 Things We Can Tell You About #NoChaser

We are excited to premiere our first series No Chaser this coming Monday April 3rd. No Chaser is all about men giving you straight answers to the questions you social media stalk to find. Ever think what if instead of searching through his friends list and tagged photos, we just asked? Well, Kelsey and I sat down with 6 guys and just asked about everything from cheating to having kids. Check out the trailer!


Besides the trailer we've been keeping this on the low! But to hold you down until Monday, we're spilling 5 teas about No Chaser!


1. The Guys!

We have a really talented cast of all black men! They are insightful, funny and have A LOT to say!

Thomas is founder and CEO of Date While You Wait.

Fr!day is a musician, you can find his music on Soundcloud.

Lindsay and Dion are both professional actors.

Lex is a photographer and TV Producer.

Kirk is a photographer and video editor.


2. Episode 1 is about interracial dating!

You definitely want to tune in Monday! The cast gets real about having racial preferences, mixed women being viewed as a "prize" and whether or not when they get on they leave your @$$ for a white girl.


3. Episode 1 Review

Besides Producers, only one person has seen Episode 1 and that is Karmen Cook from Onyx Marten. She reviewed the episode on her blog and you can check it out HERE.


4. We filmed at #blackowned businesses

No Chaser was filmed at Sweet Science and Featherweight. Both really cool black owned spots in Brooklyn. Sweet Science is an eatery with delicious comfort food and Featherweight is a speakeasy right next door.


5. Filmed by Co-Founder of The Each-Other Project

We've known Brandon for years and admire his work over at The Each-Other Project. When it was time to shoot something, I knew who to call! He ended being the DP, Editor and Associate Producer. The three of us work really well together, feed off of eachother's creativity and have a good time!


Can't wait for you all to see this series, let us know in the comments how you feel about the trailer!

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-LaPorsche :)