That Time I Felt Stuck

My adventures of freelancing in television production currently has me wrapping out a film for Amazon. Our production office is located in the Financial District. Everyday I get off the R train at Cortlandt St and my walk to the office turns into a walk down memory lane as I pass by 1 Liberty Plaza. 

I used to work in this building as a customer service representative for a test prep company and HATED IT! I was so unhappy. It was my first job post college, and after working there for a year I was so upset and felt stuck. I couldn’t believe that after spending 4 years studying, writing papers and interning my behind off to earn my Bachelor's degree, I wasn’t immediately rewarded with a job in Television.

Another year went by and I was still working for this company. I grew even more frustrated and felt like I was never going to land a new job. It had been two whole years since graduation and the very few job interviews I had, went nowhere.  I even thought about giving up on my dreams and settling for this life of clocking in, making my money and going home unfulfilled. See how the devil is a liar!

Now, everyday as I walk by this building on my way to my current job, I am daily reminded that situations are temporary. No season lasts forever. When I think back, those 2 years I worked for that company seem so long ago and is such a small chapter in my life. I did however learn patience and responsibility while I was there. I experienced vacation days, personal days, good health care, and then I moved on.

The company ended up closing the New York office. So I took my severance package and went after my dreams. I had no excuse, nothing was holding me back. Thanks to the severance package, I had money to take care of rent while I figured out how to become a full time freelancer in television production.

It all worked out. I worked in this building for as long as I needed to. I walked away with patience and restored faith. Though I work in television now, I have some more work to do before I am writing and producing shows myself. So this was a reminder that I needed. It will happen. The time will come. Even my current situation is temporary, I'm just going to keep working and appreciate the journey.